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Together We Are Strong

“I’m tired,” admitted the Moon. “So very tired.”

Struggling to stay aloft, the Moon faltered. He teetered, slipping slightly from his familiar path.

One tree, the tallest tree, witnessed the Moon’s waver.

“You’re exhausted, Moon,” suggested the Tree. “Here, rest upon my branches.”

Tentatively, she reached for her friend the Moon.

“No!” barked the Moon, “I must remain strong and appear mighty above the earth, for I am the Moon.”

“Moon, please. There is no shame in weakness. Come now, find comfort within my branches and hide your need for rest in plain sight. Take pause and I’ll tell not a soul of your struggle this evening.”

Exhausted, the Moon waned.

And not wishing to fall any further, he assented to the Tree’s offer.

Ashamed of this evening’s show of weakness the Moon slipped low and whispered, “Thank you, Tree.”

Quietly, while the earth slept, the Moon fell into his friend’s outstretched limbs.

And under cloak of darkness the Tree enveloped the Moon in a comforting embrace.

“Rest now, Moon and gather your strength. Your secret is safe for I am your friend and together we are strong.”


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