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Life Lessons from Hockey

Following a contentious election, Democrats and members of the GOP might apply a lesson learned from the school of hockey.

As a hockey player one is taught, no matter how fierce the competition (and after my fair share of concussions and 10+ busted bones I attest the competition is often spirited), when the game is over, players and coaches from both sides of the ice come together to shake hands, share grudging respect, and move forward.

As parents and coaches of youth teams, we share this lesson with the next generation of skaters. We teach young athletes to be good sports.

We apply the lesson from Mite Hockey to Senior Hockey:

Be a gracious winner and extend your hand.

Be a good loser and take that hand in yours.

We nix the name calling. The competition is not slapped with a simple label; evil or stupid or mean. We find common ground for we have at least one thing in common with the competition; a love of hockey.

If hockey players can do it, might not Dems and the GOP?

I think so, America.

I think so.


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